About Us

Our Commitment

Aurobindo Pharma USA, Inc (Aurobindo) is committed to delivering a broad portfolio of quality, affordable generic pharmaceuticals to pharmacists and patients, nationwide. Since its first U.S. ANDA approval in 2004, Aurobindo has expanded its portfolio to include more than 155 product families and close to 400 individual product packages, representing a wide range of therapeutic categories. With this broad portfolio, Aurobindo now markets and sells 80% of the top 100 most prescribed generic products.*

Our Source

Aurobindo’s ability to not only source Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API/raw material), but also to manufacture the raw materials themselves is a critical differentiator. In fact, their own manufactured API occurs in 78% of the product portfolio. In addition to this ‘first step’ in a Vertically Integrated process, the remaining four steps-- formulation, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution- are also executed internally.

As one of the fastest growing pharma companies, Aurobindo continues to receive more than its share of FDA ANDA approvals; from April 2015 until February 2016, their 49 ANDAs represented the highest number among all generic pharma enterprises.*

Customer Support

Customer support, too, has played a key role as evidenced by the movement of Aurobindo product through the supply chain…. from its manufacturing facilities to the national customer base until it is dispensed at the pharmacy. As of December 2015, according to IMS data (December 2015), Aurobindo ranked 8th in TRx’s (total scripts) among all generic companies.*

Our Values

People are Aurobindo’s most valuable resource. Their employees are committed to manifesting the company’s values. From ‘customer care’ to ‘people care’ to ‘business care,’ Aurobindo believes its values permeate throughout the organization and to the people with whom they conduct business each day.

* Source:  IMS National Prescription Audit