Aurobindo Pharma USA, Inc. (Aurobindo) is a generic solid dosage, small molecule manufacturer, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Aurobindo Pharma Limited. Aurobindo received their first pharmaceutical approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration in 2004. Although not among the original U.S. generic manufacturers, Aurobindo caught up quickly. By 2014, they became one of the top ten amongst all U.S. based generic pharmaceutical companies in terms of total scripts dispensed. Today, they occupy 8th place.*

Heading in a positive direction and taking advantage of momentum because of a multitude of ANDA approvals, Aurobindo invested resources in their people, facilities, and portfolio. The investment is paying off. For example, Aurobindo’s portfolio is now recognized as one of the most extensive in the generic industry. As of March 2016, Aurobindo boasts a portfolio of 155 product families with approximately 400 individual product packages.

Another characteristic of the product line is the multitude of therapeutic categories. Formulating products for many of these categories, including cardiovascular, anti-virals, cephalosporins, and pain management, to name the most prominent, requires both human expertise and scientific platforms.

Aurobindo operates three US facilities comprising over 300,000 sq. ft. of laboratory, manufacturing, packaging, warehousing, distribution, and administrative offices with more than 425 talented associates. Today’s highly effective and efficient processes combined with its commercial expertise has helped Aurobindo grow exponentially within the U.S. generic market.

Despite this uncommon degree of company success, senior leadership is not content to rest on their laurels. They continue to: challenge the status quo, ask ‘What if’ questions, and promote a mindset that appreciates different points of view. This reflects Aurobindo’s quest to be a stronger, more knowledge driven company today than yesterday. It not only promotes innovation, but also fosters an environment that is both engaging and energizing.

The commercial operation is made up of dedicated professionals in the areas of sales, contract management, supply chain, warehousing, distribution, and finance. This team of professionals has the look of success, yet a work ethic reflecting a tireless commitment to getting it right. With the recent purchase of 90 acres of land, Aurobindo plans to add 565,000 square feet to its already impressive U.S. operation.

Aurobindo prides itself on strong scientific principles, unmatched regulatory expertise, and a strong set of core values enabling the company to achieve extraordinary results. From discovery to formulation to manufacturing to commercialization, there is an atmosphere promoting collaboration, individual and team triumphs, and a focus on ‘getting it right.’


* Source: IMS National Prescription Audit