Welcome to AuroControl, Aurobindo’s vertically integrated supply chain ensuring unmatched quality, value and breadth of line for our customers.

As a truly integrated company, we assure continuity and quality from start to finish. In fact, our percentage of vertically integrated products is among the highest in the industry… greater than 75%.

Additionally, we have successfully integrated capabilities with capacities to deliver a large product portfolio spanning across varied therapeutic categories. Our ability to leverage highly efficient manufacturing and cost-effective processes to deliver medicines that sustain and enhance lives ensures a continuity where each function in the chain is unbroken.

This function through each step of the process ensures AuroControl from start to finish; producing quality and value to our customers through vertical integration

Five Critical Steps of the Generic Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

AuroControl offers expertise and seamless management across five critical steps of the generic pharmaceutical supply chain:


Delivering quality & value through vertical integration.

  1. Manufacture of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)

  2. Formulation of finished dosage

  3. Manufacture of finished dosage

  4. Packaging

  5. Distribution


Patients equate our name, Aurobindo, with consistency, quality, breadth of line, and trust.