Patients are the critical component within the supply chain. Most of the paths along the supply chain are focused on manufacturing, packaging, and other business-related activities, that is until the patient is within his or her allied professional’s office, when it becomes a health related issue. The science and the other responsibilities are built into those practices so patients can be assured of receiving quality product they depend on…every time.

Aurobindo’s approach relies on its five-step vertical integration where the company 1) sources and manufactures the active pharmaceutical ingredient, 2) formulates the active and its incipients into a finished dosage product, 3) manufactures the finished dosage so it can be 4) packaged, and 5) distributed, ultimately, to the patient.

Aurobindo takes this responsibility very seriously, ensuring its employees are as committed to each patient’s well-being. For this reason and others, Aurobindo has developed resources, like a product catalogue, a Q & A document, and a series of definitions, to name a few, so the patient can be better informed about his or her medicines.