Aurobindo Pharma USA (Aurobindo) ‘salutes’ the retail pharmacy community for their commitment to patient care, nationwide. As one of America’s most trusted and respected professions, the pharmacists not only dispense medicines, but also provide counsel. They are a critical link within the patient’s chain of care.

Pharmacists (and the pharmacies themselves) play an integral role within the healthcare continuum. As the continuum evolves, the pharmacist’s role, too, is changing. As the pharmacy professional adapts to the new paradigm, counseling patients is becoming common place.

Among the other changes in medicines dispensed is the proliferation of generics. At the time of the signature legislation (1984; Hatch-Waxman) which jettisoned generic substitution, generic pharmaceuticals made up approximately 30% of the scripts dispensed. Today, 9 of every 10 scripts is filled generically.

As a generic manufacturer, Aurobindo is a recipient of the positive prescription trend. However, along with the growth comes responsibility. The company is acutely aware of the need to earn and retain the trust pharmacists place in them. As the 8th largest generic company in terms of Rx product dispensed, Aurobindo knows the pharmacists’ patients depend on their product to perform each and every time.*


* Source:  IMS National Prescription Audit