Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) Development

For Aurobindo, it is not enough to formulate and manufacture finished dosage, they are also one of the largest suppliers of active pharmaceutical ingredients, also known as API. Essentially, they control the process….from start: supplying the ‘active’ and manufacturing finished dosage…to finish.

The process is commonly known as Vertical Integration.


  • Manufacture the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)
  • Formulate the finished dosage
  • Manufacture the finished dosage
  • Package the finished dosage
  • Distribute to the supply chain

Since Aurobindo controls the five-steps, they control the quality of the finished product that eventually is consumed by the patients. Moreover, the percentage of Aurobindo’s Vertically Integrated product is probably among the highest in the industry….78%.

Aurobindo has successfully integrated capabilities with capacities to deliver a large product portfolio and the accompanying active pharmaceutical ingredients. They operate dedicated facilities with diverse API categories, including intermediates to oral and sterile betalactams.

This is another example of Aurobindo’s ability to leverage its highly efficient manufacturing and cost effective processes to deliver medicines that sustain and enhance lives. The vertical integration ensures a unique bond because the circle is unbroken. Patients have come to equate the name Aurobindo with consistency, quality, breadth of line, and trust.