Aurobindo Pharma USA prides itself on its distribution, both from an execution perspective as well as the breadth of customers and classes of trade they service. With its current 135,000 square foot warehouse and its Oracle based Warehouse Management System (WMS), their distribution process often exceeds customer demand. By having a performance driven model coupled with an engaged team, senior leadership is unafraid to challenge the norms, continually asking how they can do ‘it’ better and more cost effective.

The people who handle distribution ensure the process continues to improve, to become more efficient, timely, and able to scale up as customer growth requires. The industry consolidation is leading to larger, more sophisticated customers; the increased demands on distribution and scalability meant Aurobindo had to commit to increased training and greater accountability.

The sounds coming from the distribution floor and the accompanying hubbub of activity are constant reminders of the increasing demands. With daily throughput numbering greater than 350,000 transactions a day, the performance bar is set high. Yet, despite the presence of forklifts, other automated machinery, and experienced people fulfilling the orders and requests, there is an extraordinary effort to keep safety at ‘top of mind.’ Although there is a constancy of motion, management’s emphasis on a safe and secure environment demands a cognizance and professionalism that may be a rarity within the distribution space.

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