Aurobindo Pharma Limited (Aurobindo) is a global company producing oral and injectable formulations as well as active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). With facilities world-wide and controlled substance production in the U.S., Aurobindo’s goal is manifest in their desire to manufacture most of the product (78%) themselves, not just finished dosage. This is known as Vertical Integration.

This Vertical Integration builds in control of the process, and therefore, control of the quality…from start to finish.

Aurobindo’s extensive, research-based scientists develop high quality products based on innovative technologies. This becomes a competitive advantage because it enables the enterprise to launch high-end quality products that patients come to rely on.

Aurobindo Pharma Limited aims to be a leader in generics formulations for orals and injectables. By building a portfolio of both fundamental generics and some differentiated, niche products, Aurobindo brings value to patients, the allied health professionals, and the investment community.