Welcome to AuroControl, Aurobindo’s vertically integrated supply chain ensuring unmatched quality, value and breadth of line for our customers.

As a truly integrated company, we assure continuity and quality from start to finish. In fact, our percentage of vertically integrated products is among the highest in the industry… greater than 75%.

Additionally, we have successfully integrated capabilities with capacities to deliver a large product portfolio spanning across varied therapeutic categories. Our ability to leverage highly efficient manufacturing and cost-effective processes to deliver medicines that sustain and enhance lives ensures a continuity where each function in the chain is unbroken.

This function through each step of the process ensures AuroControl from start to finish; producing quality and value to our customers through vertical integration


Five Critical Steps of the Generic Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

AuroControl offers expertise and seamless management across all critical functions in pharmaceutical manufacturing, ensuring unmatched quality, value and breadth of line for our customers

  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)

    Aurobindo’s humble beginnings can be traced back over three decades ago as an API manufacturer. This has led to a robust portfolio of more than 200 API products that have been commercialized. Since then, Aurobindo has lead the way in its experience and expertise, developing molecules across various product categories like anti-infectives, peptides, biosimilars, vaccines, polymers, and other complex APIs.

    Aurobindo followed a natural progression from API production into the development of finished dosage forms, and was able to leverage their core expertise enabling AuroControl from start to finish. In essence, Aurobindo has grown exponentially from both a market, as well as a portfolio standpoint. Today, Aurobindo enjoys one of the highest rates of vertical integration, incorporating in-house API in greater than 90% of oral solid formulations.

  • Formulation

    Aurobindo prides itself on strong scientific principles, unmatched regulatory expertise and a strong set of core values enabling the company to achieve extraordinary results. Aurobindo Pharma USA has an extensive product portfolio comprised of over 150 product families. Aurobindo’s portfolio is now recognized as one of the most extensive in the generic industry with products spanning all major therapeutic categories, including anti-infectives, cardiovascular, pain management, diabetes, CNS, and gastrointestinal disease states. Our product portfolio continues to evolve across different categories, from the typical oral solid products to topicals, injectables, ophthalmics, inhalations, and transdermals. In fact, Aurobindo recently opened a 40,000 sq. ft., state-of-the art research and development facility in North Carolina to develop specialty pharmaceuticals and alternate delivery systems.

    From formulation and clinical research, to manufacturing and commercialization, Aurobindo exerts AuroControl over the entire process workflow with a consistent focus on quality, affordability, breadth of portfolio, and ultimately customer satisfaction. In this way, Aurobindo is well positioned to continue to deliver consistent growth and value to our customers and partners. Furthermore, we are able to ensure our commitment to enhancing the lives of our diverse patient population.

  • Manufacturing

    Headquartered in Hyderabad, India, Aurobindo Pharma entered the U.S. finished dose market in 2004. Since then, Aurobindo has sustained continual growth, and one of the highest rates of vertical integration. Aurobindo vast manufacturing capabilities serve over 125 countries globally, and include 23 finished dose and 17 API formulation facilities. In fact, this large global footprint and continued success in the marketplace has made Aurobindo one of India’s top three pharmaceutical companies.

    Ever increasing customer needs require continuous expansion of our operations in order to meet that demand. Aurobindo’s integrated supply chain is long and complex, yet nimble enough to quickly shift with market factors. Such elasticity in production can only be achieved through AuroControl over every part of the supply chain. Additionally, this control allows for adaptability in site and production variations where otherwise it would be difficult.

    Specifically, Aurobindo recently decided to expand into sterile manufacturing for injectables, ophthalmics, and inhalations. Through AuroMedics, our injectable business, Aurobindo plans to commercialize complex injectables, including depot injections, microspheres, and nanotechnology based products. Additionally, AuroHealth, our OTC products business, is dedicated to delivering products that are national brand equivalents. With capacity to produce in bulk, AuroHealth also has the ability to service contract manufacturing needs of other companies in both solid and liquid dosage forms.

  • Packaging

    To manage this critical component of pharmaceutical manufacturing, Aurobindo has heavily invested in modern printing and packaging systems that provide all-in-one services, and compliance with Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) requirements. This integrated approach creates built-in flexibility with AuroControl.

    Our packaging lines are designed to handle high speed packaging, in line labeling and printing for bottles, blister packs, prefilled syringes, as well as single and multi-dose vials. Additionally, we maintain automated filling systems, tablet counters, along with a state-of-the-art vision system. This automation minimizes the need for manual intervention and in turn reduces errors and waste, while increasing throughput.

    Our continued investment in this space provides faster, better output, where all variables are tightly controlled, this allows us to be more cost-effective, without ever compromising our quality.

  • Distribution

    In February 2018, Aurobindo Pharma USA opened its doors to a new state-of-the-art warehouse and distribution center. Located in central New Jersey, it comprises 567,000 sq. ft. of warehousing and distribution space, and utilizing an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) automation technology. The ASRS is an ultra-high-density storage system, enabling systematic pallet tracking from production to loading. Further, it allows for capacity of up to 40,000 pallets enabling increased service levels and efficiency to our customers. This intense focus to increase capacity and streamline processes, allows Aurobindo to meet the ever increasing demands of the marketplace. For our customers, in various market segments, both large and small, this controlled yield drives value without sacrificing quality.

    Furthermore, this industry leading automation allows for maximum storage with higher throughput in the smallest footprint available. Additionally, the system is designed to minimize energy consumption. In fact, Aurobindo’s commitment to renewable and green energy sources lead to the installation of over 16,000 solar panels. In order to further streamline production and continuously deliver operational excellence, this facility is also slated to house manufacturing and packaging suites.

    AuroControl enables Aurobindo the flexibility to change with shifts in market trends and customer needs, thus making our company uniquely positioned to continually grow, expand our operations, and deliver quality and value to customers through vertical integration.