Dispensary of Hope

Aurobindo became a partner to Dispensary of Hope in 2012. In only 5 short years, Aurobindo has donated 3,736,413 doses of medicine. Almost 30% of these doses were donated in 2017. This is largely due to the quick and additional response to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts with additional donations. Pharmaceutical products are provided to the

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Aurobindo has participated in Spectrum360’s annual “Fore the Kids” Golf Tournament for the past 5 years. Both as a participant and as a sponsor, Aurobindo has contributed over $20K to this organization to enable greater access and participation to children of diverse abilities. Mission Statement: “Spectrum360’s mission is to provide the highest quality educational and

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CitiHope | Critical medicines reach 333,000+ patients globally

CitiHope offers a proven track record of successful humanitarian relief assistance worldwide, as well as substantial access to donated WHO listed pharmaceuticals. Essential to CitiHope’s medical programs is the partnership with Aurobindo Pharma USA. From 2013 to 2016 Aurobindo, through CitiHope, provided critically needed medicines to qualified healthcare institutions for over 333,000 patients worldwide. Core

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Life-saving Treatments by the Help of Aurobindo

Aurobindo’s ongoing support of Brother’s Brother Foundation allowed the organization to provide life-saving treatments to remote areas all over the world. Most recently the pharmaceuticals that were donated have been sent with partner organizations to continents all over the world. Primarily recipients are in developing economies and cover the following 19 countries specifically; Guatemala, Haiti,

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